Social Media Banner for the Youtube Channel “The Jenna Experience”

Social Media Banner for the Youtube Channel “The Stealthy Gnomad”

Game Design: Captain Space Ham

An AppleTV exclusive game title launched 4th quarter of 2015. As lead graphic artist on this title, I was responsible for creating the character and environmental concept art, animations, and UI/UX design as well as providing an active role in the development process.


Branding: Button Mash Bash

Button Mash Bash 3 is the third annual event hosted by Button Mash MKE, a collective of gaming-centric creatives focused on running streaming events for the benefit of local charities. With this project I designed a unique brand based on the themes of 90's nostalgia and of course, video games.


Mobile Design: EZ Arcade Finder

EZ Arcade Finder is a mobile application for iOS & Android that allows users to search for their favorite arcade games in their area. I took lead of developing initial wireframes, creating the brand and style guides for the application, designing the overall user experience, and developing promotional materials.